Add These to Your “Bucket List”

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What?  Add this to my bucket list?  Yup, you really need to get these new Husky products from The Home Depot.  I have always kept my tools in either a drawer in my tool cabinet, or in a toolbox.  You know, the toolbox you can’t close because all the tools aren’t in the perfect alignment to close the lid.  So, the other day I saw this new twist on an old product.   A bucket.  A bucket?  Yes, Husky has made a tool storage solution that will fit on any standard 5 gal bucket, and you can’t imagine how many tools this thing will hold.  


You start by getting a 5 gal bucket, (I got a new one cause it just looks nicer) then you put the Husky Bucket Jockey around the rim of the bucket.  You can get one of these for less than $10 at your nearest Home Depot or online.  (Installation note: once you put the Bucket Jockey on, pull the handle up because the Jacket will cover the handle if you don’t) 


I gave one of these to my Home Improvement Contractor friend and he couldn’t believe how many tools he could store in a  simple bucket.  He has three of them now, one for electrical repairs, one for drywall repairs, and one for everything else.  He can now just carry three buckets with all of his tools so he doesn’t have to rummage through his toolbox in the back of his truck. 

Now, you have over 70 different tools you can store in this one Bucket Jockey and the best thing is you can see them all at one time.  Really, how many times have you fumbled through your “toolbox” looking for tools?  With this Bucket Jockey you don’t have to do that.  The Bucket Jockey has pockets small enough to hold drill bits and screwdriver bits securely, pockets big enough to hold a cordless drill, and anything in between.  Not to mention the whole inside of the bucket to hold things like extension cords and caulk guns.

The second item you need to add to the “Bucket List” is the Husky Bucket Seat Organizer. Again, you can get one of these at Home Depot for less than $10.


This organizer fits perfectly over the Bucket Jockey and it gives you a lid for the bucket, plus 6 divider compartments to hold screws, nails, wire nuts, or any of the other smaller items you might want to keep with you.  The Bucket Seat Organizer also can be used for a seat when you need to take a break.  (Not that you ever take a break)  Now, shhhh, I’m not sure OSHA would approve of this, and it is not an approved use of the Bucket Seat Organizer, but I use it for a small step stool too, it’s that strong. 


The last item I got was this Rolling Tool Tote


Did you get that?  I said rolling.  This tote is huge measuring 18”x9”x17” and its made of 600 Denier Spun Tuff® Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Material.   In DIY language; you can’t hurt this tote or the material it’s made of.  It has a telescoping handle and the wheels are big enough to navigate gravel, grass, and any smooth surface of course.  I use this to now hold all of my cordless tools, batteries, and chargers.  It’s that big!


 You also get 7 pockets on the inside, 11 external pockets, and two external clips to hold measuring tapes.  This tote is awesome. 

So get out your “Bucket List” , go to The Home Depot, and add the Husky Bucket Jockey, the Husky Bucket Seat Organizer, and the Husky Large Rolling Tote to your tool arsenal.


To promote their Husky products The Home Depot provided us with product samples for review consideration. They did not tell us what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


New Husky Tools from Home Depot

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New Husky Tools from Home Depot

Can you reinvent the wheel? Maybe not, but you can make a better wheel. That’s what we found when we went to Home Depot the other day. I have a drawer full of different types of pliers, the same ones you have I’m sure, but they are all different brands and different quality. Husky Tools, found only at Home Depot, has a new line of pliers that I just had to try. For less than $75 I got a whole new set of 7 pliers to try. I also got two sets for two of my friends to try for this review. One is a professional Home Improvement Contractor, one is a guy who rebuilds car engines just for something to do one the weekends, and me, A DIY’er who works around the house.
Husky Plier from Home Depot

So, what tools did I get? 7” Diagonal Cutters, (I call them wire cutters), 10” Groove Joint Pliers, 8” Long Nose Pliers, 8” Self Adjusting Slip Joint Pliers, 10” Self Adjusting Groove Joint Pliers, 9” Linesman Pliers, and 10” Double Speed Adjustable Wrench. With these 7 tools, you can handle just about any job.

It was hard to determine which ones we liked the best, because we liked them all, but this is the order we decided on, and why.

9” Linesman Pliers

Without a doubt, these are the best Linesman Pliers we have ever used. The first thing you will notice is the fact that the handles are longer which gives you a lot more leverage when you need to cut a thick wire. Also, the handles are a thick, cushioned rubber, not just dipped into hot plastic. They pasted the “nail test” too. We cut a nail in two, and the cutters looked like new. The tooth design on the pliers gripped much better especially when we tried to turn the end of a group of thick wires.

10” Self Adjusting Groove Joint Pliers

These pliers are amazing. We looked for things to use these them on because they are so easy to use. Normal tongue and groove pliers take two hands to adjust, and you usually have to try a couple of times to get the right “groove” for the job. Not these. Open them up and they automatically adjust to what ever you are trying to grip. These pliers also have thick, rubber handles for more comfort and grip.

8” Self Adjusting Slip Joint Pliers

Again, these pliers are amazing. Most slip joint pliers take two hands to adjust. Not these. Open them up and they self adjust to the proper size for the job. They have very aggressive jaw design for extra grip, and they really fit well into tight spaces. I know I’ve said it before, but the thick, rubber handles are far more comfortable and give you a better grip than the dipped handles on most tools.

7” Diagonal Cutters

Wire cutters, as I call them, but these “wire cutters” can cut nails…I tried. Longer handles give you better leverage, and I think they must heat treat the cutting edges because there is zero sign of the cutting edge being damaged after cutting the nails. The cutting edge is very close to the edge too, which lets you cut things off very close to the surface. Rubberized, comfort grips are on these pliers too, and it really makes a difference.

8” Long Nose Pliers

Now we are into the pliers that maybe aren’t as revolutionary as the 9” Linesman Pliers, the 10” Self Adjusting Groove Joint Pliers and the, 8” Self Adjusting Slip Joint Pliers, but these are the best Long Nose pliers we have used. I think it’s because they have the rubberized, no-slip, thick handles, plus the cutting edge is as strong as we have ever used. They must have heat treated the edges too, because they are really tough.

10” Double Speed Adjustable Wrench

Speed and smoothness of the adjustment screw, that’s what makes this tool stand out. This tool will adjust 2X’s as fast as a normal adjustable wrench, and it is much smoother. The wider jaw capacity is much stronger too. A lot of times you really can’t use an adjustable wrench because it doesn’t have enough holding power, but this tool does. Our professional contractor said, “now I can carry in just one wrench to take care of just about anything I run into, it’s the only wrench I need to put in my bucket”.

10” Groove Joint Pliers

These pliers are pretty much “me too” pliers when it comes to tongue and groove pliers, but two things make them better than most. Once again, the rubberized, no-slip, thick handles are much better, and the adjustment grooves are much smoother. You still have to use two hands to adjust them, (unlike the 10” Self Adjusting Groove Joint Pliers) but these are very good pliers.

Ok, that’s it. Did Husky “reinvent the wheel” with these pliers? Maybe not, but they sure have made a much better wheel with these pliers. Do yourself a favor and go to your local Home Depot store and check out these pliers for yourself, you will see what we are talking about. We have taken our old, mixed brand of pliers and replaced them all with these pliers from Husky and Home Depot.




To promote their Husky products The Home Depot provided us with product samples for review consideration. They did not tell us what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

LENOX introduces Speed Slot, the best hole saw ever, and you heard about it first at

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Did you ever think someone could make such a simple product like the Hole Saw better?  Well the folks over at LENOX have done just that.

Hole saws are great, but the slug removal is one of the biggest pains you professional tradesmen experience when using a hole saw. That’s why LENOX has designed the new Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole saw—for fast and easy plug removal after cutting wood or metal.  This SPEED SLOT makes it amazingly easy to get the slug out.

According to LENOX, “The development program behind the SPEED SLOT Hole Saw launch was the most extensive ever conducted by LENOX. In 2009, their hole saw team began global insight work in key markets to identify the critical features that tradesmen wanted so LENOX could manufacture the most impressive hole saw yet.”  Translation, they asked their customers how could they make a better hole saw, and then they listened!  The patented design centers on a wide staircase slot—the Speed Slot—for easy plug removal, while delivering longer life when cutting holes in wood and metal. The SPEED SLOT also removes saw dust and chips while cutting to further prevent the plug from getting stuck in the saw. Plus the new design increases the saw height by 10 percent, allowing for quick cuts and plug removal when cutting lumber.

Once you get your hands on this saw you’re going to say, “dang, that’s awesome, I wish I had thought of that”.  Watch this video and see for yourself what a great new product the LENOX Speed Slot really is.

The suggested retail price will be $7 – $110, depending on size. The sizes range from 9/16” to 6”. Visit for more information.

In 2010, Readers Spent 5.2 Years On Our Site

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Here’s the horn… hold on while I toot it for a minute :)  In 2010 we had 1,601,135 “absolute unique visitors.” The average time on site for each visitor is 01:43 – that’s one minute and forty three seconds.  Either you all have become speed readers, or we need to write longer posts. ;)

Collectively, that means you spent 1908 days on our site, or 5.22 years.

For perspective, here are some numbers from the past couple of years.

In 2009 we had 958,265 “absolute unique visitors.” The average time on site for each visitor is 01:57  That means you spent 1297 days on our site, or 3.5 years.

In 2008 we had 383,226 “absolute unique visitors”  The average time on site for each visitor is 02:24 That means you spent 638 days on our site, or 1.75 years.

Thank you, readers, for making 2010 such an amazing year!

If you want to check my math try this cool time converter calculator…)

A New Look for

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We have a new look at  We have made the site much cleaner to navigate, and we have changed the look and feel too.  The old site served us well, but now that is your link to the “Original”, we wanted to make a change.  Acme Tools is the Original Tool Crib of the North, and is the way for you link to Acme Tools.  Over the years we have tried to bring you the best products at the best prices, well now you can really get the best prices, biggest selection, and unbeatable customer service at and Acme Tools.  The blog is exactly the same “car”, just with a different “body style”.

Tell us what you think.

12 Free Folding Table Plans: Build Your Own Drop Leaf, Gate Leg, or Picture Frame Table

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For a lot of us, we don’t have the space to have a big table up all the time in our house or apartment, well we have scoured the web and put together a collection of tables that not only save space, but some of them are just really cool.  From a folding picnic table I pulled out of our 32 Free Picnic Table Plans, to a picture frame that turns into a table.  Really…really.   Plus, Gate Leg tables, a Pembroke Table, and the ever popular Drop Leaf tables.  So take a look. – Your Link to the Original

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After a 10 year absence, (has it really been that long?) from the catalog and internet world,  Acme Tools is once again serving the entire United States with their unbeatable service, great prices, and huge selection. is always your link to Acme Tools.  We have joined up with Acme Tools to bring you the best of both worlds, a catalog, and a way to buy tools through the internet., a name easy to remember, (unlike my passwords),  will always be your link to Acme Tools for all your power tool shopping.

The Catalog Is BACK!!!

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That’s right, you have been asking for the old Tool Crib catalog for 10 long years, well now it’s back, from the ones who started it all.

Back in the Mid 1980’s, Acme Tools launched a mail order business selling woodworking, and construction tools. Later, Acme Tools was the pioneer in the national catalog business shipping power tools to the construction and woodworking industries under the name “Tool Crib of the North”. Well, the Tool Crib catalog became the way to buy power tools and construction tools for everyone.

In 1999 Acme Tools sold the catalog portion of their business, and focused on their retail stores in the Midwest, and the Tool Crib catalog went away too. After a 10-year wait, Acme Tools has re-launched the power tool catalog that everyone has been wanting under the name ACME TOOLS. is your Link to the Original, the old Tool Crib of the North, and we are pleased to offer the new Acme Tool catalog to all of our visitors. You can get your  power tools and accessories catalog by simply filling out the form from this link, and in a week or so you should have in your hands on the catalog.  Once you get it, you can either come to, or to make your purchases.…Your Link to the Original.

Calling all writers, We need some guest writers for the Blog

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Hey everyone. With the summer heat beating down on us, and G taking the summer off, we need some of you to submit articles to the blog, and who knows, we might publish them. If you have a new product you think everyone would be interested in, or if you have a really cool project that you would like to share, let us know and we’ll take a look at it. Plans, we love plans, so if you would like to share some plans with us, we’ll look at those too. All in all, we want you to be a part of this great blog.

If you would like to submit an article for us to review sent it to

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.

6 KnotScott Forum Finds: Introducing the New Ridgid R4512 + Best Band Saw Blades and MORE!

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KnottScott takes a break from woodworking to bring us 6 hot threads from the woodworking forums! The hottest news is definitely the launch of Ridgid’s replacement for the R4511 named, appropriately, the R4512. Thanks for the heads up Scott – this is great stuff!