I polled the guys at Woodnet recently to see who were their top five most influential woodworkers… It turned out to be a pretty popular and highly personal topic. Great stuff for those seeking to broaden their woodworking influences… What I published here today is but a small part of a larger survey I’m doing. […]

Sign up for the ToolCrib newsletter and get great woodworking resources like this in your inbox! “What is the most dangerous woodworking power tool?” That’s what I asked the woodworkers at the woodworking forums FamilyWoodworking.org and WoodNet.net. WoodNet.net’s woodworkers responded with 55 replies and the guys at FamilyWoodworking.org responded with 51 replies with over 3000 […]

I recently asked the woodworkers at FamilyWoodworking and WoodNet.net about what they thought were the most dangerous power tools. The resounding answer was: “the tool OPERATOR is the most dangerous tool.” There are some chilling stories and great advice from all sides and I’m now in the process of contacting folks for quote permissions to […]

It comes down to the job and the power of your circular saw… If you’re new to woodworking and would like a one minute overview of the differences between circular saw blades check out this video with Tim Carter of http://www.AsktheBuilder.com. To get a bit more depth on matching saw blades with your job, check […]