Catalog on Hold While New Vendors and Order by Phone Service Added

We’ve been hard at work on our Catalog, aiming to ship it at the end of the summer of ’07. Unfortunately we hit some technical snags that got us rethinking the whole catalog concept.

In Leu Of A Catalog, We Have Added Some Great Features And Services
We decided it was more important to put our time and resources into adding more vendors to our online store to insure we have the lowest prices for you. You can now buy from Home Depot, Tool King, Northern Tool, Rockler, and, so you are sure to get the lowest prices and best selection at one site,

We also launched a Power Tool Personal Shopping Service for contractors with large orders or shopping lists, and organizations that buy with POs. will find you the lowest prices on power tools by cross checking with multiple vendors and using our volume buying clout.

If You Really Want a Catalog…
Send an email to to tell us why you miss the catalog so much, and we will try to fine tune the catalog concept to your needs. In the mean time we highly recommend a subscription to our twice a month email newsletter, which offers LOW prices on tools plus buying guides, tool comparisons and shop tips to keep you safe and productive.

We also recommend catalogs from both of these fine retailers:

Northern Tool and Equipment Catalog

Rockler Catalog:

Free Catalog From Rockler Woodworking and Hardware!

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Other countries…

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Instead Of A Catalog: Call Us: 1 (888) 4TOOLCRIB
Great deals on power tools are a phone call away with’s new order by phone service. Give us a call at 1 (888) 4TOOLCRIB and we’ll find you the lowest prices on tools from top sellers in the industry like Home Depot, Tool King, Northern Tool, Rockler and Amazon.

This easy to remember phone number is a great way to order tools quickly and economically, and a wonderful service for folks who can’t find what they’re looking for on the site! Place your order by phone today: 1 (888) 4TOOLCRIB.

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66 Responses to Catalog on Hold While New Vendors and Order by Phone Service Added

  1. Wally says:

    Yup…They all said it right, where’s the printed version?

  2. Ricky Wondergem says:

    Prefer to look at real catalog. Much nicer and easier to shop with than website.

  3. scooter says:

    you guysneed to ready your e-mail.everyone wants a catalog ! so do i. nothing beats thumbing through your catalog to buy tools!! i will not buy anything from you till i see a catalog. sorry guys you blew it !!!.

  4. keith swann says:

    I guess you guys really don’t care what the consumer wants. It is by far easier for the customer to see exactly what he wants on paper instead of clicking and waiting for a screen to pop-up. Yes, I have bought a thing or two from you since this whole no-catalog thing, but when it comes to power tools, I want a piece of paper in fromt of me to look at when I want, wherever I want; especially for comparing products. IT’s BY FAR EASIER!!!!

  5. Dale Stickell says:

    Want to cut costs? Get rid of the geniuses that decided to get rid of the catalog! I may not have bought a whole lot in the past, but it was a whole lot than I’ll buy now. BRING BACK THE CATALOG!!

  6. Shane says:

    The catalog is great, it helps to show me whats out there to buy, and whats new. I’d much rather browse through a catalog than search the internet, even though I prefer to buy through the internet.

  7. Tommy Boren says:

    like to have a catlog

  8. Richard says:

    For a guy like me the catalog was great. I could sit and watch TV and go through and look to see what tools I needed or find something new to try out. I used to spend thousands every year with you guys and now nothing. One thing you need to remember is that a lot of people that order from you are a bit older and not the most technical when it comes to a computer. Using the catalog is a lot easier than trying to navigate through something on the internet. Based on the comments I have read before me, it seems that you have been losing a ton of money by not having the catalog. So is it really worth it? Bring the catalog back and then you can spend your increased profits on your “online resources for more vendors.”

  9. Greg Reynolds says:

    Catalogs are a tangible item that you can look through time and time again while you are deciding what tools to add to your shops collection. Looking on-line is great for the retailer because you have taken away the cost and hassle of printing a hard copy version and then distributing it. The thing you did not realize is that tools are often bought by people who do not live in the cities where the high speed internet is, they are also bought by the people who have their shops in the country or in the woods where you get the choice of only dial up or nothing at all. And looking through pages of a catalog on dial up is a chore that you do not soon go back to. My choice was that if you did not want to publish a catalog, then you would not be the vendor that I would purchase from. I used to buy thousands of dollars of equipment each year from you, but that has been several years ago now. It is something you should seriously look at in these hard times, is it worth pushing away as many customers as you can with stopping the printing of the catalog and losing their business. Even in hard times people will buy tools.

  10. Lawrence Cowley says:

    Please bring back the catalog.

  11. Juan Ramirez says:

    Please print the catalog back for us….. I need one…

  12. Jim Gifford says:

    love the catalog. HATE online.

  13. Matt Meske says:

    I haven’t purchased any tools from you since you dropped the catalog. I spend on the average $1,000.00 per year on tools. I own a construction company and like to compare cost and features side by side, this gets lost on the internet or isn’t easy to do. Please bring back the paper version.

  14. Arthur says:

    Catalog is the best thing to look through when trying to sort through new tools. Also catalog is the best to show and find new tools… one would normally not even be looking for. Please realize that not even producer’s website shows the newest “toys”… why? I have no idea. There is many times where I can find a tool in the store and it is not listed on manufactures website! So who makes decisions whether particular tool is a sale of dud? Probably regional manager who has no working knowledge, why not make people decide what they need?

  15. nelson says:

    I need two (2) catalogs so urgent. I think there are many reasons to you continue send that important costumer guide.18Av.5-09 Zona3 Quetzaltenango,Guatemala-Guatemala. Thanks

  16. Imtiaz Hami says:

    The catalog buy does help to make an informed decision.

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