Grizzly Tools – What is Your Opinion?

In the impressionable early days of my writing career a trusted source at told me that Grizzly tools aren’t worth the metal they’re made from… and that this source had told Grizzly president Shiraz Balolia this himself at a trade show. Now I’m not going to name any names, but trust me this impression stuck and I’ve since seen Grizzly as a knock-off, no good tool brand.

So it’s been with some surprise that I’ve read more and more favorable reviews of Grizzly tools, and even started to mention some of them in the buying guides I write (our recent buying guide for table saws for example).

This mini article includes links to some of the posts in forums that started to turn my opinion around, plus a number of Grizzly vs. other power tools threads that I’ve found. I’ll continue to update it as I find more “evidence” in the forums and on peoples’ sites.

If you’ve had a forum thread or article turn your opinion around about Grizzly I’d appreciate for you to send me a link! This post will be continually updated as we find new stuff and will likely be reorganized at some point.

ALL of Shiraz Balolia’s Posts in Sawmill Creek – Balolia’s the founder and president of Grizzly and he’s a fairly active poster at SMC.

Grizzly Tools (WoodNet)

My Visit to Grizzly (WoodNet)

Are grizzly tools good quality? (LumberJocks)

Everything I’ve read makes it seem like they’re a great company to work with that’s built around good customer service. Seriously – I dug for dirt on them and didn’t find much except for Balolia talking over customer service and quality issues with woodworkers at SMC.

Griz 1023 w Router Table ext, or should I go PM2000 …as I find more Grizzly vs. other brand debates I’ll add them here. Please add to the comments if you’ve read any good ones! –G

Update 2: it appears that Grizzly’s not as strong with their smaller accessories at least according to this thread…
Another mixed bag from Grizzly

Update 3: Some Grizzly vs. threads
Grizzly G0514x vs Laguna LT16
Grizzly G0591 Slider
new cabinet saw Grizz G0605X vs PM2000 vs ???

Grizzly’s not well known for it’s routers… this thread makes me think it’s for good reason: Grizzly router opinion

Update: a recent Grizzly thread from SawmillCreek: How good is grizzly?

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61 Responses to Grizzly Tools – What is Your Opinion?

  1. Mack says:

    I know there will be many of you who have dealt with Grizzly and probably didn’t have any problems, but let me tell you about mine…

    Received my order last week and found 3 items missing even though someone in shipping checked them as being shipped on my invoice copy. Several items that did arrive were damaged and the box showed no signs of abuse by UPS. 3 air nozzles I ordered leaked as they would not shut off, although I have to say I should have expected this because of the low price.

    So I call Grizzly’s customer service and they told me someone from shipping would call me the next day. No call 3 days later, so I call them back. The guy says they’re checking the warehouse for the missing items…have you seen pictures of their warehouse? It’s huge, and I have to wait for my stuff?

    A couple of days later I get a call from someone at Grizzly saying the missing pieces were located and on the way to me What about the defective/damaged pieces? Which this person couldn’t help me with, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. After several minutes she says they’re all in a meeting and one would call me back. Still, another couple of days go by and no call. I called and was told a supervisor had been assigned to my case, however that supervisor was not available.

    I was then referred to a “tech support lead” and he said Grizzly rarely has any problems with their shipping. Then he follows that by saying it appears that what they were actually looking for was the paperwork which had been lost

    As far as the damaged stuff goes, it was still useable I suppose. But the fact that they sent me the stuff damaged, added with the missing pieces and the run around I got just major PMO. I’m thinking why would someone pack a box with items looking like they did? Only two possiblities really; the packer didn’t give a crap or his boss told him to.

    FYI, the president of Grizzly is an instrument maker and has added many related items to the catalog. Maybe he’ll see this and maybe he’ll give a crap.

    OK, now I’ve vented and I feel better. By the way, I’m still waiting…should be here today

  2. Mark says:

    Grizzly service is terrible. I ordered a lathe from them, spent 94 bucks on shipping, and ups wouldn’t deliver it to my city, residential neighborhood. Grizzly has no interest in helping me resolve the issue of getting this 400 lbs package to my house. They will not refund my shipping so that I can go to the trouble of renting a truck to pick it up. Their customer service line is a joke. Please, please, think twice about dealing with this company!!!!

  3. ArtieWorks says:

    Earlier this week I placed an order for the h7583 tenoning jig got the package already… everything seems to be in tact for the most part. Purchased GRIZZLY because they have a solid brand in my opinion. Assembly was seemless and the directions
    were detailed & pretty thorough, basically operates smooth like butter with quality grip handles for precision.

  4. Robbie says:

    Over the past 5 years I have been buying Grizzly products but NEVER AGAIN. Not that their products are so poorly made…they aren’t but their customer service absolutely sucks!!!This last product I received was the new T10223 Sliding Table Attachment for $550. When I opened the box I thought is was a used/floor model piece of equipment. Then came the nightmare with customer service. I would never recommend anyone buying from them. They treat you like they don’t need or want your business.

  5. Jerry Knowles says:

    I have the bench top drill press and it’s been a great machine. Thier customer service has always been great with me,and I’ll more than likely by more machines from them.

  6. Dave says:

    I have the Grizzly GO452 jointer. It is a good machine, and I can’t imagine how I could have bought a better machine for the money.

  7. martin hobbs says:

    This thread on grizzly sounds schizophrenic. I think that from reading reviews and threads on other equipment you will find similar ‘ups and downs’. As some of the other commenters have stated, the real culprit here is greedy companies having their tools made in china and the like. Delta powermatic etc. are all suffering from the same problems and until the USA corporations bring their manufacturing home, i am afraid this poor quality issue will continue. That said, I just bought a 3 hp grizzly table saw and a 15″ planer with spiral cutter head. No problems with shipping, or missing or broken parts. However,It is a good idea to check all tolerances and nuts and bolts prior to using the machines . I found that the chain on the planer was a bit loose, but only took a few minutes to adjust. I am happy so far, but time will be the ultimate judge of their quality.

  8. Angela says:

    I’ve only had three tools brake on me. One was a Bosch Router that Bosch fixed at no charge and I’ve never had another problem with it. The other two was my Grizzly table saw and my Grizzly Bandsaw.

    I purchased a Grizzly table saw because all of the great reviews. After about a year of use the table saw was grossly out of alignment. Grizzly tech support doesn’t have a 1-800 number and I don’t have long distance so I emailed them and asked them to contact me. A week later, and several emails from me, I received a call from one of their techs. He didn’t know what the problem was so he recommended I take the hybrid table saw apart and enlarge the trunnion holes. Since I wasn’t impressed with the service I received I wrote a letter to their Headquarters. I received a call from their HQ. He told me “well, there are techs then there are techs.” After discussing my problem with him, he thought the main trunnion system was cracked. After I took the saw apart and replaced the main 20 pound trunnion I discovered the main trunnion had cracked due to poor casting. They had no instructions or manual about repairing their table saw.

    In regards to the bandsaw, the blade tension knob got harder and harder to turn until it wouldn’t turn and was completely frozen. I had to cut it off with a hacksaw to replace it. At least I had the name of a contact at their HQ so I could get some help.

    OK, so I told myself I’d never purchase a tool from Grizzly again. I was in the market for a butcher block table top. Someone told me that Grizzly sold nice table tops. Yes, I purchased one and it arrived with a 16” crack in the top and a 5” X 1” gash that was filled with wood putty. I returned it and NOW I will NEVER, yes NEVER, purchase a Grizzly product again.

  9. Paul Garnett says:

    Have had a Grizzly Bandsaw in my garage for years now. Never had any problems with it and would gladly recommend one to anyone. But now I kind of wonder if I was just lucky. Always believed Grizzly to be top notch but after reading on here I now have a few doubts.

  10. knight says:

    We have a Grizzly store about 4 miles from us. I go in to look around often. I am always greeted with a smile and feel no pressure to buy. I currently have a drill press, bandsaw and lathe. All the tools have been great. When I need a part I go to the store and purchase. A couple ladies that help seem cranky every once in awhile. Other then that no issues.

  11. jim m says:

    I have to say grizzlys quality and customer service has gone in the toilet! I purchased a 48inch lathe and a knee mill about ten years ago now and both machines are outstanding for the price and customer service was excellent. that was then! I just recently purhased a plain back three jaw chuch for my restored 1951 logan lathe, being that i had such great service and quality previously i went strait to grizzly. well the chuck was so badly out of balance my machine was walking across the floor! called customer service they send me to tech. tech gives me r/a number, call back to confirm a few days later before actually shipping and nobody can find r/a! ok so now theyre telling me well you were misinformed now its used and were not sure if we can take it back! well duh how else would i know it was out of balance unless i mounted it! give me a break and your supposed to know machining. so know were playing phone tag. not to mention the fact that i have to eat the backplate which is cut for there cheap crap import chuch! i will never deal with grizzly again! do yourself a favor and save yourself the aggrivation and find a company with a better guality product there quality and customer service have gone down so bad over the past couple years its not even funny. i purchased a tmx chuck and couldnt be happier :)

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