Tips for Cutting Plywood

I visited Chris Baylor’s blog today and found a quick little snippet of a post on getting clean plywood cuts. His best tip for keeping cuts clean is to “apply a piece of masking tape along the anticipated cut line on both the top and bottom sides before making the cut.”

Reading his post inspired me to dig a little bit deeper for more plywood cutting tips from around the web.

Plywood cutting resources:
A Tip for Clean Plywood Cuts (from Chris Baylor)

10 Tips For Cutting Plywood

Cutting Sheet Goods (everything you need to know)

Clean Plywood Edge Cuts (tips pulled from a woodworking forum)

Cutting plywood the easy way (cutting on top of a sheet of styrofoam)

Cutting Plywood

Plywood Cutting Tips

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One Response to Tips for Cutting Plywood

  1. Carlos Arevalo says:

    Thanks a lot for all these great tips. I am not even close to skilled in woodworking but this information has given me a head start in my project.


    Carlos Arevalo
    La Libertad, El Salvador

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