15 Free Toolbox Plans for Woodworkers

Do you do your woodworking on the run? Do you need something to haul your tools around to jobs around the house or city? This list of free tool box plans puts your tools where you need them most.

I separated them out like this…
>> Top 4 “Notable” Toolbox Plans
>> 3 Advanced Toolbox Plans
>> 5 Basic Toolbox Plans
>> 3 Toolbox Plans For Kids

I found lots of tool storage plans that weren’t really portable toolboxes… I’ll be doing a separate post for them.

>> Top 3 “Notable” Toolbox Plans
1) Most… Innovative? ToolBox:
I can’t imagine anyone actually using this, except maybe if Tage Frid showed up for some on-site chair repair ;)
From the designers: “This unique toolbox includes sides and ends that incorporate a wavelike theme. The corners are assembled with box joints and the bottom panel is fitted into a groove that runs around the entire periphery of the toolbox.” Unfortunately there’s no actual plan, just a description of how the “unique toolbox” is put together.

2) Handiest ToolBox: The Tool Tote by Gary M. Katz

The Gary Katz Tool Tote bumped the “Tool Tote, Tab and Slot” from the “handiest tool box” position (see it below). Why? Read all the problems Katz solved with his creation: “I needed something I could organize and something I could stand on, something that would get me to the very top of a 6/8 door, something that would help me reach the pins on an 8 ft. door, something that would let me see over the top shelf in a closet. And I wanted something I could sit on, too, while chiseling tricky mortises in a jamb or drinking a cup of coffee on a break.

It’s a well organized tool carrier + step stool + place to sit and drink coffee. Somebody stop me I’m about to jump up from this computer and build one right this minute… (thanks to PutnamEco who suggested this toolbox in the comments below)

Also… note the Altoids container there in the tool tote… could Gary Katz possibly be a cheapskate woodworker? ;)

Check out plans for The Tool Tote by Gary M. Katz >>

3) Most “Classic” of the Classic Toolboxes: Toolbox, Simple DIY from PM

Why this design rocks: “The toolbox is designed to minimize fastening into endgrain – screws and nails grip much better when driven into the face or edge of a board.” Plus it’s a nice twist on the most basic style.
How to Build a Toolbox: Simple DIY Woodworking Project

4) The “Overachiever” Tool Box: Tool Tote Sawhorses

“These sawhorses feature a convenient bin in the base for storing tools, clamps, and other items. And the divided upper tray is a great place to keep often-used hardware and hand tools organized and within easy reach. But here’s the best part — you can adjust the top of the sawhorse up and down.” – Thanks to PutnamEco for telling me about the Tool Tote Sawhorses… they are SWEET! But will the adjustable height function still work in six months? Who cares! These get an A+++ for AWESOME.
Tool Tote Sawhorses

>> 3 Advanced Toolbox Plans
Shop-Built Gear Box (pdf)

Carpenter’s Toolbox with Rabbet Joints

“Handiest” Toolbox: Tool Tote, Tab and Slot

>> 5 Basic Toolbox Plans
Build a Classic Wooden Toolbox

Ten-Minute Tool Box

building a tool box

Toolbox Plans

Box, Carpenters (PDF)

>> 3 Toolbox Plans For Kids >>
Child’s Toolbox

Toolbox Plan (stackable)

Building a Child’s Wooden Toolbox

More Toolbox Plan Resources:
Free woodworking plans for building a toolbox or tool chest.
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9 Responses to 15 Free Toolbox Plans for Woodworkers

  1. Jude says:

    Thanks for posting this information. I was just thinking about building a wooden tool box. Now the only problem is which one?

  2. PutnamEco says:

    I’m surprised Gary Katz tool tote didn’t make the list.


  3. toolcrib says:

    @Jude – when you build one send in pics and we’ll put them in here… or better yet write a blog post about it and we’ll link to it ;)

    @PutnamEco – thanks that’s a sweet looking tool box… not sure how I missed that one. Only problem now is I have to change the title of the post from 15 to 16… jk ;)


  4. toolcrib says:

    Oops… looks like I only had 13 toolbox plans to start with. Since I only counted once I had to type twice. 14 now with the Katz plan.


  5. PutnamEco says:

    not sure how I missed that one.

    Called tool TOTE not box.

    Shop notes also did a sawhorse/tool tote article.

    And July 2007 issue of WOOD magazine had a cool tool tote/step stool plan.

  6. toolcrib says:

    Hey PutnamEco – thanks again! Those are sweet… I’m gonna cross-post them to our sawhorse plan article too…

    back up to 15 tool box plans now, shoulda just kept it as it was ;P

  7. finishman says:

    The tool tote sawhorses look like a great way to fill your tool box with sawdust!! I am always looking to keep my tool box away from where I am cutting!

  8. toolcrib says:

    finishman you are so right… those tool-tote sawhorses REALLY need to be redesigned with closable covers. Let me know when you release new plans for them and I’ll link to them here ;)


  9. cheapskate says:

    This has inspired me to build my own tool storage. I have been checking out those rolling steel drawer cabinet things and realized I could probably build one cheaper and simpler. Plans are basically done but actual construction unfortunately has to wait a bit because of higher-priority projects.

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