Track Saw Smackdown: Festool vs. EurekaZone vs. DeWalt vs. Makita

I’m a big fan of tracks and circ saws… for me it all started with EurekaZone, and the moment I discovered that woodworking doesn’t always require a table saw. The success of EurekaZone and Festool’s TS 55 has brought DeWalt and Makita into the market. When there’s more competition, everyone wins…

In this track saw comparison I read through several forum threads discussing track saws and counted up the purchase recommendations. I did not use any of these tools myself! I hope that this comparison of recommendations, plus the links to my sources, will help you to make a better decision on how to spend your heard earned dollars.

Track Saw Comparison:
1) Festool TS 55 (or 75)

Votes: 13
Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ – long with pictures (best comparison thread I’ve ever seen)
Festool TS 55 Circular Saw in Action video
#5 on Top 5 Woodworking Tool Companies with the Best Customer Service

2) EurekaZone (best buy on a budget)

Votes: 8
EurekaZone Forum at SMC
#2 on Top 5 Woodworking Tool Companies with the Best Customer Service
DIY Table Saw Alternative: EZ Guide + Circular Saw (From 2 years ago, when I first discovered tracks + circ saws)

3) Dewalt DWS520SK Track Saw

Votes: 3
Dewalt Track saw owner

4) Makita SP6000 + Rail System

SP6000 Video (Canadian)

Cutting Grid for Breaking Down Sheet Goods:
Knock-Down Sawhorse Cutting Grid

Track Saw Forum Threads:
Which track saw?
Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ – long with pictures
Festool Saw with Guide Rail, or Dewalt Tracksaw?
Dewalt Track saw cost
Table saw vs. Track saw
Dewalt TrackSaw vs Table saw?
Festool T55/75 vs cab saw..

More Resources:
Talk about ways to cut down sheet goods
Getting Sheet Goods Home: 9 Ways to Reduce the Pain
15 Free Table Saw Outfeed Plans: Mobile Tables, Folding Tables, Outfeed Stands and More!
How To Calculate Board Feet for Your Woodworking Projects

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6 Responses to Track Saw Smackdown: Festool vs. EurekaZone vs. DeWalt vs. Makita

  1. Mike says:

    The festool is a great saw but if you can’t afford one I made one for around $120. YOu can see it on youtube search DIY track saw. or link below

  2. Kosta says:

    Who voted for this??? obviously festool’s marketing dept. Eurekazone’s Smart Guide System is trully the best, and I’m not getting paid to tell you this! so you can trust my unbiased opinion. Eurekazone is the only patent holder, and the only integrated track system you can use for multiple projects, and turn your tracksaw into an all purpose workbench. Not only is the price competative but the work you can do with the guide system by your side is unparalled. Speaking of parallel, the parallel and perpendicular repeaters are being copied by festool. So what’s better? Festool or Eurekazone? Well let me ask you this, who is copying who?
    Always imitated NEVER DUPLICATED!

  3. i have no experience with regards to the makita or eurekazone ,but i do own both the festool and dewalt tracksaws.

    be aware that i have NO affiliation to any of the above company’s whatsoever , so i can say outright which is a good tool regardless of manufacturer or model.

    so far, the festool is the best tracksaw and guide-rail system on the market.
    the saw is excellent and robust, plus
    the festool guide-rails are made up to a whopping 5000mm for complete accuracy of long cuts.

    here is a video of dewalt vs festool tracksaws which i made recently. no hype , no b.s , just plain old telling it like it is.

  4. I think the Dawalt is the best.

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