20 Free Toy Box Plans: Operation Toy Containment

“If you build it… they will pick up their toys…”

Though this belief may not be quite accurate, creating heirloom toy containment systems can begin teaching about organization and taking care of what’s important.

This collection of free toy box plans has the following sections:
>> 4 “Golden Child” Toy Box Plans…
>> 5 Toy Box Bench, Toy Storage Bench Plans:
>> 5 Mobile Toy Storage Plans:
>> 6 Classic Toy Box Plans:
>> 33 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections:

>> 4 “Golden Child” Toy Box Plans…
There are free toy box plans, and there are free toy box plans. These plans go above and beyond the requirements of toy containment in one of several ways: fantastical enjoyment, multipurpose, and extreme efficiency…

Turtle Toy-Box by David Marks

Toy Storage + Chalk Board

Toy Storage System

Pirate’s Treasure Chest

>> 5 Toy Box Bench, Toy Storage Bench Plans:
These double duty multi-tasking toy bench storage plans give your children a place to rest when they’ve finished the exhausting work of picking up their toys.

Child’s Bench Toy Box

Toy Box Bench

Toy Box Bench

How to Build a Wooden Toy Box

Toy storage seat

>> 5 Mobile Toy Storage Plans:
Mobility can be just the answer for cramped spaces or large play areas with widespread toys…

Toy box on castors (metric…)

The Covered Wagon Toy Box

Toy Box on Wheels, With Rope Pull

Underbed Castor Box Toy Storage Units

Toy Caddy W/ Removable Partitions

>> 6 Classic Toy Box Plans:
The classics never fade. As long as you don’t paint rainbows, unicorns and winged kittens on these boxes, your children will use them for years to come ;)

Toy Box: A Place For Everything

simple, butt-jointed toy box

Toy Box Competition…

Build a Toy Box (metric)

Build a Better Toy Box

Toy/Blanket Chest

>> 33 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections:
34 Free Woodworking Plan Collections from ToolCrib.com

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One Response to 20 Free Toy Box Plans: Operation Toy Containment

  1. RickinSC says:

    The toy storage system shown is fine. However, the best toy storage meets the following 5 criteria:

    1. Kids only need a few, high quality toys available.
    2. Kids want to be able to SEE where the toys are when they go looking for one. So make sure you use clear plastic bins.
    3. Each toy should have a specific place or “home” where it belongs when done playing with it.
    4. Kids should never have to face the daunting task of picking up dozens of toys at once.
    5. A toy in the hand or on the floor that the child is done playing with should still have “value” in exchange for a new toy.

    The One at a time toy cabinet I built for my grandson meets all 5 of these criteria, especially by requiring him to put a toy back before being able to get another toy. Check out this video.

    What do you think?

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