44 Free Woodworking Software, Calculators and Spreadsheets for the Wired Woodworker

Math. It’s the persnickety, exacting demon lurking inside every woodworking project. Luckily for us, many woodworkers are also programmers who know how to make computers do the calculating for us. THANKS to those wonderful people, who afforded us the opportunity to round up 44 woodworking calculators, spreadsheets and free software for woodworkers!

Here’s what you’ll find:
>> 20 Free Woodworking Calculators (that regular readers have already seen but forgot I hope ;)
>> 14 Web Based Woodworking Calculators
>> 5 Downloadable Woodworking Spread Sheets + 1 Printout
>> 5 Executable Woodworking Programs You Install

Save a brain cell. Use a Calculator.

>> 20 Free Woodworking Calculators (you’ve already seen)
If you’re a regular reader (bless you) you’ve already seen these. For my new readers, these gems will help make your future projects just a little more relaxing :)

How To Calculate Board Feet for Your Woodworking Projects: 3 Calculators
10 Free “Project-Specific” Woodworking Software Programs
2 Free Cutlist Programs that Minimize Scrap for Woodworkers
5 and 1/4 Free Woodshop Layout Programs: Software for Workshop Layout

>> 14 Web Based Woodworking Calculators
These web-based calculators don’t require downloading of any kind! Not only are they free, but the processing power is free too, which is great news for any true woodworking cheapskate ;)

1) Calculator/Converter
“No more manually converting MM’s or Fractions.”

“Version 2.03 – (Free) Calculate crown molding cutting on-line.”

3) 5 Carpentry Calculators
(Circular Arch and Segments, Common Rafter, Leg Load)

4) Dovetail Template Generator

5) Draw Sizer – Arithmetic Progression
“Computes graduated drawer sizes using arithmetic progression.”

6) Moisture Content Calculator
“Computes equilibrium moisture content of wood given relative humidity and temperature.”

7) Sagulator
“Calculates shelf sag (deflection) given type of shelf material, shelf load, length, width, and thickness.”

8) Shrinkulator
“A calculator for estimating dimensional changes in wood, either shrinkage or expansion, based on changes in the wood’s moisture content.”

9) Wood Finish Selector
“A screening tool that helps you choose the best clear finish for your woodworking projects.”

10) Wood Picker
“A screening tool that allows you to identify woods based on up to 10 different criteria such as weight, hardness, and strength.”

>> 5 Downloadable Woodworking Spread Sheets + 1 Printout
Spreadsheets – they’re not just for accounting anymore. These excels will help your woodworking become more excel-lent. Oh wow. Sorry about that one.

1) Segment Sizer
“A freeware Excel workbook that calculates arch moulding segment sizes – PC”

2) Arc Layout Program
“Excel 97 spreadsheet”

3) Cabinet Design Program
“An Excel spreadsheet program which designs all kinds of cabinets.”

4) Compound Miter Angles
Excel spreadsheet for figuring compound miter angles.

5) Raised Panel Calculator
Excel spreadsheet. Does all the calculations for raised panels, produces a rudimentary diagram and a cut list.

Handy Fraction/Decimal/Metric Conversion Chart

>> 5 Executable Woodworking Programs You Install
Yup, you have to download these. Yeah I know… AND install them. And they don’t even complete the projects for you ;) Just kidding – these nifty little free programs will save you lots of hassle!

1) CadStd Lite
“Lite” and free version of CADstd.

2) Template Maker
“Thomas Giammo has offered his “Template Maker” (219KB) which is a Windows program for constructing templates for the Incra & JointTech dovetail jigs.”

3) ShopMath
“Freeware- performs common geometrical calculations – PC – 3.01mb”

4) Polygon Angle Program
“It calculates the proper angles for polygons having 3 to 16 sides and side slopes from 0 to 60 degrees. It also shows you graphically what you need to cut and will even print out a drawing for you to take to the shop. Self-installing executable, 800k”

5) Wood Movement Calculator
“A program to calculate wood movement due to temperature and humidity changes.”

Our Sources for Compiling This List
Woodworking Software at WoodBin
Woodworking Software at WoodCentral
Woodworking Software at WoodWeb
Woodworking Software at InternetWoodworking.com
Woodworking Software at AllWoodWork.com
Woodworking Software at WoodworkersWorkshop.com

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  1. toolcrib says:

    CanuckGal kindly posted this calculator collection over at RouterForums.com

    This is a thanks to CanuckGal who’s also a ToolCrib.com reader and a howdy to the RouterForums folks!

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  2. CanuckGal says:

    Thanks for this great list of woodworking “tools”. This site is always well worth sharing!

  3. wood lathes says:

    Great resource, definitely bookmarking this one to make my way through the rest of the tools!

  4. Great site, been a subscriber for a couple of weeks now and will find the wood movement calculator a useful tool (I do a lot of construction with timber).

  5. Woodworking says:

    Wow, this will keep me busy all summer long! Thanks

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