16 Baby Furniture Plans: Free Cradle Plans, Free Crib Plans and More!

My baby boy turns 2 weeks old this Friday (stealth gloat) :) I dedicate this free-plan collection to all the new woodworking parents and grandparents (hi Dad!) out there who want to make a lasting contribution to their family “environment.” As Gustav Stickley said (according to Chris Schwarz) “Gustav Stickley wrote about the influence of the home environment on children. His argument was that the things we surround ourselves with have an influence on our character, and on the values of our kids.”

Here’s what you’ll find below:
==> Free Cradle Plans
==> Free Crib Plans
==> Free Changing Table Plans
==> Free High Chair Plans

==> 11 Free Cradle Plans
Windsor Cradle

Molly’s Cradle

Cradle from Woodworker’s Journal

How to Build a Cradle

Redwood Planter Box Cradle

Becky’s Cradle

The Heirloom Cradle

The Swinging Cradle

A Spalted-Oak Cradle

Early American BABY CRADLE

Rocking baby cradle

==> 2 Free Crib Plans
Build a log crib

Child’s Crib: after the cradle, before the bed

Crib Safety: What The Experts Say

==> 2 Free Baby Changing Table Plans
Baby Changing Table

Build a Baby Changing Station

==> 1 Free High Chair Plan
The Family-strength Highchair

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4 Responses to 16 Baby Furniture Plans: Free Cradle Plans, Free Crib Plans and More!

  1. Ryan says:

    Congratulations! My wife and I had our first 7 months ago. What a blessing. Love the newsletters, keep them coming!

  2. toolcrib says:

    Thanks Ryan – he’s amazing :) Just don’t ask me how last night went ;) Thanks for the kudos on the newsletters! If you have any ideas for articles or plan collections you’d like to see just let me know!


  3. what a wonderful idea…thank you so much for this site. I would love nothing more than a “homemade” crib or cradle…made with LOVE.

  4. pete k says:

    Brilliant ideas and plans thanks

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