13 Tenon Jig Plans for Table Saw Tenoning

Mortise and tenons have a noble heritage – woodworkers have used them for thousands of years to make great joints. And without tables saws too, much less table saw tenon jigs ;P We’re gonna leave you hanging when it comes to mortising, but we’ve got you covered on the TENONS!!!

Without further ado, 13 Tenon Jig Plans!:

Tenon cutting jig

Tenon Jig

Tenon Jig Plans

Shop-Made Tablesaw Tenoning Jig

Making the Tenoning Platform

Making the Tenoning Sled

Multi-Purpose Joinery Jig for the Tablesaw

Shop Built Tenon Jig

Table Saw Tenoning Jig (American Woodworker 1999)

Build a Tenoning Jig (Popular Science 1988)

Tenon Jig: Slides in Table Slots (Popular Mechanics 1948)

Cutting Tenons on the Table Saw (American Woodworker 1998)

Hands Free Tenoning Jig (American Woodworker 1995)

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