9 Free Band Saw Plans: Build Your Own Band Saw or Saw Mill!

You’ve read our buyer’s guide to 14″ band saws and you’re stoked about our 22 band saw jigs. The only problem is you’re hooked on making your life needlessly complicated, aka, you thoroughly enjoy building your own tools!! Well, it’s time to rejoice. Here are 9 free plans for building your own band saw.


1) Building a bandsaw

2) Pipe and Wood Bandsaw (Popular Science 1944)

3) Homemade Bandsaw from Pipe Fittings and Auto Parts (Popular Mechanics 1935)

4) Metal-Cutting Bandsaw Made from Old Lawn Mower (Popular Science 1953)

5) Build this 12 Inch Bandsaw for Your Shop (Popular Mechanics 1974)

6) Shop Made Band Saw

7) A $100 Industrial-quality Band Saw

8) Profusely illustrated piece on building your own bandmill

9) Building your own bandmill (maybe)

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2 Responses to 9 Free Band Saw Plans: Build Your Own Band Saw or Saw Mill!

  1. It is amazing how things changed over the years. You almost don’t recognize most of the products of today. Looking at these pictures I feel like I don’t know anything about anything. You get manuals for these things, right?

  2. Charles Wasson says:

    Really interested in this

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