The Catalog Is BACK!!!

That’s right, you have been asking for the old Tool Crib catalog for 10 long years, well now it’s back, from the ones who started it all.

Back in the Mid 1980’s, Acme Tools launched a mail order business selling woodworking, and construction tools. Later, Acme Tools was the pioneer in the national catalog business shipping power tools to the construction and woodworking industries under the name “Tool Crib of the North”. Well, the Tool Crib catalog became the way to buy power tools and construction tools for everyone.

In 1999 Acme Tools sold the catalog portion of their business, and focused on their retail stores in the Midwest, and the Tool Crib catalog went away too. After a 10-year wait, Acme Tools has re-launched the power tool catalog that everyone has been wanting under the name ACME TOOLS. is your Link to the Original, the old Tool Crib of the North, and we are pleased to offer the new Acme Tool catalog to all of our visitors. You can get your  power tools and accessories catalog by simply filling out the form from this link, and in a week or so you should have in your hands on the catalog.  Once you get it, you can either come to, or to make your purchases.…Your Link to the Original.

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4 Responses to The Catalog Is BACK!!!

  1. Mark S Baugh says:

    There is a GOD ! Thanks so much for bringing the catalog back!!! Just in time for Christmas !

    Mark S. Baugh
    Beecher, Illinois

  2. D.E.Larson says:

    Bought my first 9.6v Makita cordless drill from Tool Crib of the North (Still Running). I wondered what happened to you. Welcome back.

  3. rick mcaninch says:

    the best catalog around,if its not in the book they will get it for you

  4. Kyle says:

    Yea I happy now.

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